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10 Mistakes to void when Planning your Wedding

10 Mistakes to Avoid when Planning your Wedding

1. Choosing a local wedding planner too quickly.

You need get prepared to know an actual number of guests, have a budget, and an actual location around the Fraser Coast. It can become very costly otherwise.

2. Inviting guests to a wedding that doesn’t yet exist.

People get so excited and jump right in, inviting six girls to be bridesmaids and telling everyone about a wedding before they know the budget, Fraser Coast beach, restaurant, backyard or park location, and what they can afford. It’s embarrassing to needing to back out of something like that.

3. Not properly researching potential suppliers.

Wedding organisers can represent themselves in many ways. Anyone can put up a website and use other people’s pictures. And sometimes when you’re calling to talk to a referral, you’re talking to their cousin. And are the reviews even real? You can trust most suppliers around Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Gympie and Bundaberg. You need to do your homework though.

4. Not sticking to a realistic guest list.

Don’t tell your organisers you’re planning a wedding for 65 people and invite 175 people. You’re going to end up with no space and no budget – everything adds up – food, drinks, invitations etc. You need to be realistic about your guest list.

5. Being afraid to have “the talk” with parents.

Brides and grooms need to sit down with their parents, probably privately and individually, and talk about money.ie how much everyone is going to pay. It’s a conversation you need to have with your parents. So then you can stay on budget.

6. Trying to DIY (Do It Yourself) for a destination wedding

DIY is lovely, but when you start sending heaps of décor to adestination that they already have or you could hire or purchase in the area, you are spending money you don’t need to spend. If you want to DIY that badly, then DIY at home. Work with a legitimate hotel or planner abroad, or décor or flower vendor in the region who has the things you need.

7. Not knowing when to stop using Pinterest

Sites like Pinterest have great ideas, but it can also totally confuse, overwhelm, and give you ideas of things you don’t need. At some point you have to stop with Pinterest. It can turn out very costly otherwise.

8. Thinking you need more than one wedding dress

There is a trend of wearing two or three wedding gowns. One big fancy one for the wedding, then a stylish one for the reception, and then some have after-party gowns. Be careful of your budget and think about the time it takes to change.

9. Trying too hard to be different than everyone else

Everybody wants to be different, but somebody else has previously done what you’re doing. You need to focus on yourself to be different. Focus on your wedding party, your flowers, the menu, the music. Choose what represents you.

10. Allowing too many people to have an opinion

Perhaps talk to your groom and to your best friend but don’t invite the whole family to share a voice. Decide what you want, and then ask your friends to help you in other ways – like invitations or menus. Make your wedding reflect your own taste and style.

10 Mistakes to void when Planning your Wedding
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