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Celebrating Community and Supporting Local Events

As a business committed to its local community, the Delux team is actively involved in various events and initiatives.  We’ve had a particularly busy June, from relishing the delights of the Relish Food & Wine Festival to sponsoring the Power House Boxing Tradies Fight Night, Delux has been dedicated to supporting and uplifting the community it serves.

Relish Food & Wine Festival:

On June 3rd, the Delux team enthusiastically participated in the highly anticipated Relish Food & Wine Festival. With the support of Fraser Coast Tourism & Events this community event was an exceptional gathering celebrating local culinary delights. Delux was proud to be part of this festival, fostering a vibrant atmosphere of community engagement and showcasing the region’s diverse foodie offerings. Thanks to Odyssey Bistro!

Fraser Coast Jobs Expo:

The Delux team continued their active involvement by participating in the Fraser Coast Jobs Expo, held at the Maryborough Showground on June 7th. With the assistance of Timber Queensland, this event served as a valuable platform for job seekers and local businesses to connect. Delux recognizes the importance of supporting local employment opportunities and commends the organisers, Jobs Fraser Coast, for organising a successful event. Shout out to Reliable Hire!

Fraser Island Native Title Renaming:

Delux was entrusted by the Queensland Government Department of Resources to organize a special event on June 7th, commemorating the Fraser Island Native Title renaming. This event held great significance, reflecting the government’s recognition of the island’s rich indigenous heritage. Delux’s involvement showcased their commitment to upholding cultural diversity and fostering community partnerships.

St. Mary’s Parish Debutante Ball:

Delux collaborated with the volunteers from St. Mary’s Catholic Parish in Maryborough to organize the spectacular St. Mary’s Parish Debutante Ball on June 9th. This event, graced by elegance and tradition, celebrated the achievements of young individuals entering adulthood. Delux provided the dance floor, ensuring a memorable and enchanting evening for all attendees.

Power House Boxing Tradies Fight Night:

Delux proudly sponsored the Power House Boxing Tradies Fight Night on June 10th. Supporting local sports and fitness initiatives, Delux recognized the importance of encouraging an active lifestyle within the community. The event, organised by Powerhouse Boxing Gym, brought together talented boxers and showcased their skills, captivating spectators throughout the evening.

Rainbow Beach Annual Fishing Competition:

From June 11th to 17th, the Rainbow Beach Annual Fishing Competition offers an exciting opportunity for fishing enthusiasts. Delux acknowledged the significance of this event and encourages participants to visit Rainbow Beach Sportsclub, the perfect place to relax and enjoy refreshing drinks during the competition. Supporting local sports clubs is an essential part of Delux’s commitment to community..

Aldridge State High School Equestrian Challenge Event:

On June 22nd and 23rd, the Maryborough Showground hosted the Aldridge State High School Equestrian Challenge Event. Delux extended its support to this event, which will attract students from across Queensland to compete in various equestrian disciplines. By partnering with the Aldridge P & C Association and the school, Delux contributes to the development of young equestrians and fostered a sense of healthy competition.

Maryborough State High School Formal:

On June 23rd, Delux extends its heartfelt congratulations to the students and families of the graduating class of 2023 from Maryborough State High School. The formal event serves as a milestone in the lives of these young individuals, marking their transition to new chapters. Delux acknowledges the dedication and hard work of the school community in preparing for this memorable occasion and wishes the graduating class success in their future endeavours.

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