Frequently Asked Questions

Have a query about our products and/or services? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions with FAQ videos. These answer many queries we've come to learn that our clients are wondering.

These cover topics such as different types of marquees, different lighting options, how many people can sit at our different sized tables, how big is our coolroom, how do our dance floors work and many more questions and you have!
We’re constantly updating these videos, so if your question isn’t answered please call us on 4124 3500 and ask away. 

FAQ - Marquee Planner

FAQ - Diff Marquee Types

FAQ - Blue Marquees

FAQ - Delivery Charges

FAQ - Picket Fencing & White Bollards

FAQ - Slushy Machine

FAQ - PA System

FAQ - Cold Room

Stage and Dance Flooring

Event Flooring


Light LED Festoon

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